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saybaby is a clothing line that offers infant clothes that are not only perfect for baby’s everyday wear but as present for certain occasions as well. Most of the products that the website offer are highly customizable which allow the parents to dress up their babies in their own ways. Moreover, the designs are very colorful, child-friendly, and pleasing to the eyes.

Customers can buy customizable onesies which they can modify on their own and onesies that are under $50 and $25. There are also onesies made for celebrating the baby’s first birthday and sets of leg warmers that can be bought when purchasing some of the designs. Lastly, the website comes with a blog where moms can post about certain issues regarding their babies or provide advice that can be very helpful when taking care of a baby.

They started selling products on Etsy before they launched their own website and they have consistently good reviews.

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bnw is the website for the book The Baby Name Wizard penned by Laura Wattenberg. The book is made for parents who are searching for the perfect names for their soon-to-be-children. The Wizard utilizes research and computer models that will guide the parents in choosing names. The computer databases integrate various name categories and the website is equipped with a set of tools made for specific functions in name searching.

The NameFinder tool is perfect equipped with filters that the users can use to search names more specifically. Some of the filters include gender, length of the name, the letters where the names should start and end with, and popularity.

The Namipedia allows the users to search for a name and get information regarding its origins, popularity, and the perfect siblings name while the NameVoyager can be used to explore baby names and name trends letter by letter. The NameMapper on the other hand, maps the most popular names on various areas.

The website also has a forum section where users can post their comments or concerns related in name choosing or the book while another section leads to the personal blog of the author.