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Weird baby Names

Baby names are very important for expecting parents. Parents aim to provide their children with names that hopefully will be unique when compared with other designations. Interestingly, in different states, residents tend to favor specific quirky names for their kids.

For instance, Brigham is quite popular in Utah, where the name of Brigham Young, who was known for being one of the earliest leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and early inhabitant of Utah, can be seen in various locations. Meanwhile, Simon (“to listen”) and Faigy (from the Yiddish word “faige”: bird) are among the favorites of people in New York. On the other hand, Vermont residents like the name Wren, West Virginia residents favor the name Bryer, and most parents in Oregon favor the name Cedar.

Meanwhile, in other states, people prefer darker names, such as Ophelia, whereas people of Idaho favor the modernly spelled Krew.

Favored names also reflect the changes that possibly happened in a state. For instance, a number of people in Nevada are named Kenji or Laylani possibly because numerous Hawaiians and Japanese American found a good life in that state.

What To Do If Your Baby Is Teething

Teething of babies sometimes tends to be a problem for parents and caregivers. In addition, the babies may also suffer from pain during this period when their teeth start to come out. In this regard, it would be a great help for both parents and babies if the adults can learn some of the ways by which they ease the pain of their infants.

To start off, parents should expect their babies to start growing teeth after six months. The first ones to grow are normally the two bottom front teeth followed by the two top front teeth. Parents should be aware of some signs and symptoms of teething, as listed below:

  • Drooling

  • Chewing on solid objects

  • Irritability

  • Sore gums

Though some parents think that teething can cause fever or diarrhea, there is no scientific evidence to prove it.



Parents can alleviate sore gums of their babies by rubbing the gums with a clean finger or moistened gauze pad.


Babies would prefer chewing on a cold washcloth, spoon, or chilled teething ring. However, parents should be careful not to give their infants a frozen teething ring.


When buying a teething ring, parents should choose those that are made with firm rubber. They should not buy those that are filled with water as babies may potentially break them when chewing. Parents may also use bottles filled with water.


For babies who are already eating solid foods, peeled and chilled cucumber or carrots work well during teething period. However, parents should watch over their babies when chewing on these things to avoid possible choking incidents.


Babies tend to drool when their teething. Thus, parents should always keep drying their babies’ chin to avoid causing skin irritation. They can also apply water-based cream or lotion as moisturizer.


Some babies tend to be extremely irritable when teething. In such cases, parents can try acetaminophen or ibuprofen formulated for babies. However, they should avoid using teething medications with benzocaine, as this compound has been linked with methemoglobinemia, which causes reduction in oxygen levels in the blood.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration advises parents not to use homeopathic teething gels or tablets because of possible health risks.

In more extreme cases of teething, babies showing excessive pain or discomfort should be brought to hospitals or doctors for thorough examination.

Baby Oral Health

One important factor affecting babies’ general health is their oral health. However, since baby teeth usually fall out, parents do not pay too much attention to them. Yet, it turns out that baby teeth play significant role when babies start to talk and they serve as guide for adult teeth before they come out.

Most children get affected by teeth cavities, which can be quite painful. As a result, babies or toddlers suffer from lack of sleep and food disturbance in proper learning. Cavities may also cause long-term oral health problems as they can also affect growing permanent teeth. Likewise, poor oral health shows association with other health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Thus, parents should pay attention in taking care of the baby teeth of their kids to help them achieve good oral health in the long run.


Cavities results from oral infection caused by germs. These germs may infect other people through sharing of food or utensils. That is why even pregnant women are advised to take of their oral health before they give birth.

With kids, parents can easily prevent them from having teeth cavities. They only need to look after the oral health care of their kids and make the necessary appointment with the dentists.


  • Parents are advised to bring their children to dentists as early as one-year old.

  • When putting babies to sleep with bottle, parents are recommended to only use water as filling.

  • Parents should take note to brush children’s teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride aids in strengthening tooth enamel.

  • Children should also learn how to floss as early as possible.

  • Parents should consult their dentists regarding fluoride varnish. This material is used in painting teeth to prevent early decay.


  • Parents should give their children snacks that are good for the teeth. Some of these foods include nuts, cheese, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

  • Meanwhile, children are discouraged from drinking sugary drinks, such as juices, sports drinks, and sodas, to avoid developing teeth cavities.

  • Water is the number recommended drink for oral health.

  • Parents should also avoid giving their children sweet snacks and liquids throughout the day.


  • Parents should not only teach their children how to properly care for their health but also serve as good example to the. They are advised to practice oral health routine and avoid eating foods that can lead to oral problems.

Popular Baby Names

As people grow up, they may some issues with the names given to them by their parents. Some may like how unique their names sound while others do not like having names that seem to be the opposite of their genders.

For aspiring parents, choosing a name for their babies can be a very fun activity. They get to choose how unique-sounding the names will be or they may opt to name their children after them or their parents. However, no matter how beautiful some names may sound to the parents’ ears, it is a fact that a number of them are now very common that a day won’t pass and people will not encounter someone possessing such names. To guide parents, there are certain names that they should look out for and think about more than twice before christening their children with them.

  1. Emily

Emily is one name that a lot of people have. It has become a very popular name that it has been ranked as the #1 name for females by Social Security Administration for 12 times already and has also been in the top five for at least 15 times.

  1. Christopher

Christopher has been a very common name for a very long time that it was included in the top 5 names for males 29 times as ranked by Social Security Administration.

  1. Olivia

The name is very popular because it sounds classy and because of this, it made the top 5 baby names nine times in the last decade.

  1. Jacob

Jacob was the top name for baby boys for 14 years. In addition, it held one of the top 5 spots 19 times since 1995.

  1. Madison

Madison is popular for those who want to have names that sound traditional and not too girly. Between 2000-2007, the name has been included in the list of the most popular names for babies.

  1. Michael

Michael has been a very popular name in the last century and has been in the top 5 names for baby boys for 63 times already.

  1. Jessica

The name Jessica is not that bad but since it’s made its way in the top 5 names for baby girls in 1977, it earned its place in being included in the most popular baby names over the last few decades.

  1. William

Over the last century, the name William has become so popular that it had been included in the top 5 for 41 years.

  1. Sophia

The name Sophia is just starting to become popular. However, it seems that it will continue to be that way since it has always been included in the top 5 names for babies from 2009 to 2013.

  1. Joshua

The name has been so popular that it was always in the top 5 for 26 years beginning in 1983. It also continued its streak for quite a while and still made it to top 5 in 2008.

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