Baby names are very important for expecting parents. Parents aim to provide their children with names that hopefully will be unique when compared with other designations. Interestingly, in different states, residents tend to favor specific quirky names for their kids.

For instance, Brigham is quite popular in Utah, where the name of Brigham Young, who was known for being one of the earliest leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and early inhabitant of Utah, can be seen in various locations. Meanwhile, Simon (“to listen”) and Faigy (from the Yiddish word “faige”: bird) are among the favorites of people in New York. On the other hand, Vermont residents like the name Wren, West Virginia residents favor the name Bryer, and most parents in Oregon favor the name Cedar.

Meanwhile, in other states, people prefer darker names, such as Ophelia, whereas people of Idaho favor the modernly spelled Krew.

Favored names also reflect the changes that possibly happened in a state. For instance, a number of people in Nevada are named Kenji or Laylani possibly because numerous Hawaiians and Japanese American found a good life in that state.